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Maximizing Affiliate Profits In 5 Steps
Maximizing Affiliate Profits In 5 Steps
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Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online yet many people fail at it.  
This should not be the case. If you are doing affiliate marketing to make money, and not making any, let's talk about 6 steps you should take to change that. 1. Niche research. If you already have an affiliate product you believe in you don't need to worry too much about the niche that you're in. One thing you will want to do is turn this into a micro niche.  
This allows you to get a little more targeted in your market and eliminate some of the competition If you do not have any affiliate product join a couple of affiliate networks and start learning about niche marketing. I suggest joining ClickBank, Commission Junction, and Amazon for starters. 2.  
WordPress website. There are many free WordPress templates you can use as a website. To do this you need a domain name, website hosting with the Fantastico program, and set up your home page as a static page. You can Google search exactly how to easily do this.  
I suggest Go Daddy for your domain name. Use Host Gator for your website hosting as they have the Fantastico program so you can install your WordPress blog without any technical knowledge. 3. Blog product reviews. Since your home page is a static page you will want to add content and create new pages. This is as easy as writing some short articles and I suggest using product reviews.  
This is one key to making more money with affiliate marketing. People like to read reviews from people such as yourself who are using the products before they purchase. Of course to do this you need to be a customer of your own affiliate products. You can Google search how to write a blog product review.  
Basically you just want to write down what you know about the product and Feeve Store include both positive and negative comments and just be truthful. 4. Info articles. Another thing you can do is write information articles relating to the theme of your blog. Publish those and bookmark them using a tool such as Only Wire.  
This will help you generate more traffic and get search engines spidering your blog. 5. Discussion Forums. Go to Big-Boards and find some active discussion forums relating to the theme of your new website. Set up your profile and set up a signature file.  
Include a link back to your website so people can come and learn more about you. Participate in discussions on a consistent basis. Read Harvey Segal's free ebook "Forum Marketing Super Tips" and learn how to do forum marketing the right way. This can be an excellent source of traffic and sales for your affiliate products. When you take these 5 steps you are going to eliminate a lot of your competition for your primary affiliate products.  
Most affiliate marketers want to take shortcuts and will not put in the time and work it takes to build a profitable affiliate business.  
Jeff Schuman invites you to visit his website for free JV With Jeff training, affiliate marketing, and starting your own online home business. Visit it now to find one real way you can finally !  



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